On September 2016 the Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works (CEDEX), contacted the LIFE HUELLAS technical team in VIAS y CONSTRUCCIONES company to show their interest in prject outcomes. Its goal was to learn more about the methodology used to develop the LIFE HUELLAS calculator concerning carbon footprint calculation, and also know what expectations exist for tool valorization. On 30/09/2016, a working session was organized in VIAS y CONSTRUCCIONES facilities in Madrid and, after knowing their interest in the knowledge base developed along Action B1, project consortium is sutdying what options exist for tool replicability.

CEDEX is a vanguard public body applied to civil engineering, building and environment, organically attached to the Ministry of Public Works and functionally to the Ministries of Public Works and Agriculture, Food and Environment. The agency provides multidisciplinary support in civil engineering technologies, construction and environment, assisting both administrations & public institutions and private companies.