Vias y Construcciones S.A.

VIAS is a large construction company with over 80 years experience. The main business area is the construction of civil works, especially in railway infrastructure, where VIAS maintains a clear leadership, having participated in the development of all existing high speed lines in Spain, with the construction of different sections.

In the area of R&D and innovation, VIAS has promoted and managed more than 30 projects that have been supported by the Spanish administration and the OPTIRAIL project, funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme. Among these projects, it should be noted the following three, in which the use of Computational Intelligence (CI) technology for railway infrastructure maintenance is integrated:

  • OPTIRAIL: “Development of a Smart Framework Based on Knowledge to Support Infrastructure Maintenance Decisions in Railway Corridors” project led by VIAS, with a total of 9 partners from 6 EU countries, where the main challenge is to provide new solutions for cross-border railway maintenance. Optirail
  • GEOMAF: ” New Tools for railway maintenance mangement” aims to optimize the type and sequence of maintenance operations, applying CI technologies for the analysisi of available information. Developed within the program INNPACTO, supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (IPT-2011-1656-370000).
  • CIBIC: “Infrastructure Maintenance Based on Computational Intelligence” finished in 2010, represents the first approach to the development of new models of development, operation and management of different types of infrastructures (bridges, highways, viaducts, railways,etc.) that would make possible the integration of preventive and corrective maintenance to a new level. Developed with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (CIT-460000-2009-46).