Fundación CARTIF

CARTIF is one of the Spain´s leading research and technology centre employing more than 150 people, including engineers and scientist in 7 research areas (Energy, Environment, ICT, Food and Chemicals, Automation and Process Control, Robotics and Computer Vision). In 2010 CARTIF carried out over 100 R&D and innovation projects, with a turnover of approximately 13M€.

CARTIF´s board is formed by 30 organisations, including SMEs, large industrial companies, universities (OTRI) and other organisations. Moreover, CARTIF s part of 20 research and professional networks – including 13 international- and many technology platforms. CARTIF keeps also a close collaboration with the most representative organisations of regional and national industrial development: Castilla y León Regional Development Agency, the Spanish Ministry of Industry and the European Commission (DG Research, DG Enterprise, DG Environment and DG Tren).

International Experience

CARTIF activity has an important international dimension: Currently, CARTIF is involved in 21 international projects, with partners in almost all the EU countries, non-EU Mediterranean ones and Latin America. The mainly programmes in which CARTIF participates are: Framework Programme, Intelligent Energy, LIFE, INTERREG, MEDA Programme, etc. 

The participation in international activities is promoted through the International Projects Department and is materialised in the current participation of CARTIF in 21 international projects, including 9 of the Seventh Framework Program -1 as coordinators: DIRECTION (Contract Nº 285443)-, 1 Intelligent Energy Europe and 2 LIFE+ among others). Moreover, CARTIF takes an active part in 10 International networks and platforms such as ISES (International Solar Energy Society) and IEA (International Energy Agency), and it is also the Spanish National Liaison Point of the European E2BA (Energy Efficient Buildings Association).