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LIFE HUELLAS. European Project LIFE+

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LIFE HUELLAS. European Project LIFE+

LIFE HUELLAS Description

LCA, Environmental Footprints and Intelligent Analysis

for the Rail Infrastructure Construction Sector

Project goal is the development of methodologies and tools to optimize decision making process, reducing carbon and water footprints of railway infrastructure construction related projects. For that purpose, the project will review and analyze the environmental impact of every stage in the construction process. 

Results will allow the development of a series of environmental impact indicators, which will be collected in a best practices manual. The aim is to support railway infrastructure construction companies reducing carbon and water footprint by 10% and 5% respectively, thus becoming more sustainable by minimizing their works´environmental impact. 

The consortium, leaded by Fundación CARTIF, is formed by the companies VIAS y  CONSTRUCCIONES and IK-Ingenieria, jointly with the University of Granada.

The LIFE HUELLAS project (Ref.: LIFE12 ENV/ES/000686, with the contribution of the European Union LIFE financial instrument), was granted in the framework of the 2012 Call of the LIFE+ European Programme.