Universidad de Granada

The Research group “Soft Computing and Intelligent Information Systems” (SCI2S) within the DECSAI Department of the University of Granada is composed of a number of profe4ssors and researchers with widely recognized expertise in Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence. The group members have published over 450 papers in international journals on a wide array of topics ranging from bare foundations to real- world applications of Computational Intelligence techniques. They have wide experience in designing intelligent systems to tackle complex problems. In particular, knowledge representation through fuzzy rules and its extraction and management through Soft Computing techniques is a recurrent topic among their activities. The researchers group have led or collaborated in over one hundred projects of different scope (European, National or regional). Finally, they are actively engaged in transferring scientific advances to companies. 

With respect to the area the proposal, the group experience is also long. They participated in the project “GENESYS: Fuzzy Controllers and Smart Tuning Techniques for Energy Efficiency and Overall Performance of HVAC Systems in Buildings”, European Commission, JOULE Programme, CP97-0102. The objective of this project was the development of control algorithms for HVAC systems. 

The group has also participated in different civil infrastructure maintenance projects like:

    • CIBIC: “Civil Infrastructures Conservation based on Computational Intelligence”, Spanish Ministery of Science and Innovation, CIT-460000-2009-46.
    • GEOMAF: “Management of Railway Infrastructure Maintenance”, Spanish Ministery of Science and Innovation, IPT-201000-1656-370000.
    • OPTIRAIL: “Development of a Smart Framework Based on Knowledge to Support Infrastructure Maintenance Decisions in Railway Networks”, 7th Framework Programme, EC-GA Number: 314031.